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Our company

Argentina Polo Store is an easytradegroup's company

About us: Easytradegroup is an International trader that commercializes Argentine products all over the world." The world is our market" In order to do that we bring Argentina Polo store products closer to you.

Our commitment is to reefing and redefine products for the sport of polo. We are constantly working to make our products the finest and the most technically advanced available. As a result of this kind of work saddles are acclaimed by experts as the best fitting and best performing polo saddles ever made, also boots are incredible comfortable and excellent quality and craftsmanship.

We have built up a network of reliable and reputed suppliers. We visit their tanneries and manufacturers regularly, ensuring total quality control management. Gifts are made in Top quality exotic capybara leather that are used by the Polo elite. We believe that businesses succeed is based on excellent products and fulfilling customer's needs all the time.

That is the main reason why these issues that are listed below are our main values. In order to achieve these, we work on:
Argentine's know how
Best quality Products
Communication and customized orders

Also we have high quality service pre and post purchase.

Our Claim is "You want it, you got it ".

Today's marketplace is one of the most fast changing and dynamic of the planet. To respond quickly and effectively in this environment, demands a culture of openness. In this culture respect and understanding flourish naturally, teamwork flows seamlessly, barriers dissolve and much overused word, empowerment, takes on real meaning. We work as a team just like you !!!!!!

Guarantee: All Argentina Polo Store products come with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase return it for a prompt and courteous refund. Costs of shipping is not refundable.